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Finding an adventure in Knoxville

Me and the family went to a thing called the Adventurecon in Knoxville this past weekend, and I tell you, that was something to see. I've always been a big fan of comics and cartoons, and also science fiction movies and the like, and this place had plenty to see in that area. It was held on the old World's Fair park at the convention center. Soon as you parked and walked across the street, here come people dressed up in all kinds of costumes such as Storm Troopers from "Star Wars," Batman, Iron Man, Mr. Freeze, Transformers and a whole shebang of other fantasy-based creatures and characters. Why, even Dressed to Kill, the local KISS Tribute band, was there, which surprised even me, and the crowd really liked these guys in their KISS getups. They couldn't hardly walk around without people wanting them to take pics with them or pose. Another guy was dressed up like the Terminator, only this one had bullet holes in him and his face was made up to look like the robot parts were showing through. He even looked like Arnold quite a bit, so he pulled it off very well.

—John Deaton, Harlan Daily Enterprise,