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Ahh, The Biz

Feb 15 - 18 - Knoxville Comedy Zone w/ Bryan Cork & Tone-X, Knoxville, TN

THURSDAY: The crowd was hot (i.e. drunk) . . . It was kinda strange; The room is divided into smoking and non-smoking sections, and 80 percent of the crowd was on the smoking side ... Naturally, I started out with a light joke, saying "So, anybody here smoke?" No one reacted, since I didn't light my farts. I ended up having a good set, and the crowd was raucous by the end . . . a little TOO raucous. I was chided by management because I didn't stop my set and try to contain the crowd . . . I had difficulty explaining that a good number of the people in the crowd were just amazed to be in a building with indoor electricity. So, I got chewed out for that.

That's one thing about MCing . . . In some clubs, the MC is the most ignored aspect of the show, both by crowds and management . . . In other places, the MC is the designated shill for the club, salesman for upcoming shows, and supervisor of crowd control. Knoxville definitely falls into the latter category.

Granted, after the show, Bryan and Tone X were both raving about the crowd, thrilled that they were so into it, so who the hell knows? Answer: No one.

— Jesse Perry,