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This Day in the War: 11/16/10

Monday Nov. 16 1863


After Gettysburg, James Longstreet's corps had been detached from the Army of Northern Virginia and sent West to assist the Army of Tennessee. They arrived just in time to help win the Battle of Chickamauga, but since then they had had little to do except help maintain the siege of the Union forces stuck in Chattanooga. Finally they had headed in the direction of Knoxville, and today Longstreet was at the little town of Campbell's Station. Burnside's forces were nearby, and if Confederate intelligence had been just a little better, or if the army could have moved just a little faster, events could have been greatly different. Longstreet, however, did not move quite fast enough to cut off Burnside's retreat, and his forces escaped into Knoxville.

—javal,, Nov. 16, 2010