Knoxville + Cas = 152,000 hits

Does anybody remember ol' Cas Walker that lived in the Knoxville area?

Rumors I used to hear about ol' Cas:

  1. He put silver dollars inside sausage rolls, to get people to buy them and hope the sausage they bought would have a silver dollar hidden in it somewhere
  2. He thought putting fluoride in the drinking water was a Communist plot
  3. He used to throw frozen chickens off the roof of the grocery store, just to get the crowd to gather around and see if they could catch one. And even if they did not catch one, well they were already in the grocery store parking lot, and would go on in and shop some!
  4. He used to be Mayor of Knoxville
  5. He worked his family members in the grocery store, did not pay them, to hold down the payroll cost

I don't know how many of these are true!

—XHotlanta,, April 26, 2009