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Yikes The Bridges

Carmelle: I have a terrible fear of heights and I see that when I drive through Knoxville I will have to cross the Tennessee River on the Henley Street bridge. OMG It scares me to death. How on earth am I going to get over that river! Does Knoxville have either a tunnel or a ferry crossing? Is the bridge that crosses on I-40 over the Holston River the same size or is it just an overpass?

inave: Have you SEEN the Henley Street Bridge? I can't even climb a ladder without holding onto something but no bridge in Knoxville bothers me. Having crossed real bridges most of my life, I use this little trick: put the a/c vent blowing directly on my face, breathe deeply to keep myself destressed and talk positive reinforcement while I'm in the situation. Seriously, this helped me tons! Good luck.

Milo Bloom: I would just like to point out that I am laughing uncontrollably at the thought of a ferry across the Tennessee. Right in between the Alcoa Hwy, Henley, Gay, and James White bridges., June 29, 2007