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Knoxville Redneck Capital of the USA

Walter, Reston VA, October 6, 2008: We moved our son to complete his high school to this redneck crap-hole in 2004. As born and raised in a great southern State of Virginia, I have a point of reference when some idiot brags that Knoxville is a great place. One huge correction hillbilly, Knoxville is in APPALACHIA this is not the South or has southern culture. These inbred idiots even speak in a foreign language and they HATE OTHER PEOPLE FROM NORTHERN STATES period. The schools are the worst and we have lived in 13 Cities over the years. The people are NOT friendly and TVA just increased the utility rates by 20%. The cost of living is high with the exception of housing and taxes. Buy a car and pay 10% sales tax and all food is 10% sales tax which adds an average of $20 per trip. The population is very ignorant and uneducated with 40% not achieving a high school equivalency. The Government described Knoxville and surrounding Appalachia as "Slightly Retarded" and I agree. Think of the movie "Deliverance" and that describes most of Knoxville...

Stephen, Knoxville, TN, May 23, 2009: It's a good place to live. It has a big city feel w/ small town price.

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