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Knoxville, Tennessee, Is America's Best College Sports Town In The South

Voting ended in the race for America's Best College Sports Town: South Region at noon and Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the Volunteers, has emerged victorious. Knoxville, with 63 percent of the total votes, completely kicked the asses of Oxford, Mississippi (20 percent), Gainesville, Florida (8 percent), and Athens, Georgia (8 percent). Knoxville joins the winner of the East region, Morgantown, West Virginia, in the America's Best College Sports Town Final Four. Voting for the Final Four starts next Monday. For now, enjoy the riches and spoils (there aren't any riches or spoils) that come with being America's Best College Sports Town in the South.

—Adam K. Raymond, Clutch Blog,, March 14, 2011