Knoxville + BBQ = 262,000 Results

I was perusing your page, and was very gratified to see that you listed NO BBQ places in Knoxville. You see, I love my home town, but the fact is, there is virtually no BBQ here. ... It's not as completely bad as I make it sound, since there are still two Bennett's locations reasonably near. (One in Pigeon Forge, one in Gatlinburg) There is also a plethora of mom&pop joints that pop up, serve some actual good ‘Q for a while, then get put out of business by the big name BBQ pretenders. I get some enjoyment out of these as they come and go, but they inevitably get crushed under the steamroller of mediocrity. Again, I love my home town, but these folks damn sure don't know BBQ!

— Bill Powell,, 1998