Knoxville + "bands" = 953,000 hits

Knoxville ... the pearl of East Tennessee?

"Knoxville's always been mysteriously different than Tennessee's other notable bigger cities (Nashville/Memphis). Like its East Tennessee sister, Chattanooga, Knoxville's always seemed more like cover-band territory. While two of my favorite bands (Superdrag and Dixie Dirt) were from Knoxville, those bands actually seemed (to an outsider such as myself) to embody the entire Knoxville rock scene all by themselves during their best years. Of course, there were other bands, but people outside of Knoxville either never got to know them or forgot about them... I'd say that even though it's a much smaller pond, a local band in Knoxville would probably find it more difficult to get a great base of fans there just because people aren't as interested in going out at night and listening to original live music as a means of entertainment. That makes very little sense to me considering that Tennessee's largest university is located there, and college kids are overwhelmingly the people who make up the support system of nearly every music scene. There's always been a ton of untapped potential there."

From Aaron Robinson's Notes,, March 7, 2008