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Knoxville TN Square Room Recap

It was an awesome experience and the Square Room went out of their way to make this unbelievable for everyone. I am from knoxville/the area and I know how great the people here are and I was SO happy that people from all over the world were able to see how great that us Tennessee folk can be. Dave himself was even impressed at how nice everyone was.

So we are in the Room waiting on the show to start. Another DC gal who was front row turns around and hands my daughter a DC pick that she finds laying on stage. Can this night get any better!!!!! So then Ryan comes on for his set and blows us all away with his acoustic set and is simply amazing. He then does his songs where he brings and audience member on stage to help him play. And just who does he pick.......MY DAUGHTER!!!!! OMG!!!! So she gets up there and he tells her he has never saw that much birthday on one person. She has on a birthday crown, birthday girl banner, and light up birthday princess pin!!!!!

—melissa/cookiemomtenn,, April 11, 2009