Knoxville + Alex Chilton = 7,630 Returns

Big Star Singer and Cult Icon Alex Chilton Dead at 59

Terry in Tennessee: I kept reading about Big Star as an early Replacements fan and finally acquired Chilton's double-LP "Bach's Bottom" (how great a title was that) in the mid 80's, followed finally by all the Ryko Big Star re-issues. I finally got to see him and meet him at shows as he played in front of about 80 people in Nashville (Exit/In maybe?) & Knoxville at Ella Guru's (a club booked by the folks that now run Bonnaroo) in the late 80's. I had my wife walk up front to the little stage and lay down a napkin on which we had written "Bangkok!" – he looked down, smiled, and tore right into a raucous version of the song that delighted us all. He was a kind and gentle soul – very politely listening while I talked about growing up in Memphis. I'm sure he was probably bored but never showed it., March 18, 2010