Knoxville + 100% Humidity = 1,360,000 Results

Things I Learned Thus Far From Summer School

-Straightening my hair before class is futile because thanks the climate in the south and the Tennessee river. When there is 100% humidity outside your hair is going to look like a HOT MESS. Hello mr. ponytail my new bf.

-Applying lotion before walking to class is just stupid because guess what? when it is as hot and humid as hades you will be dripping with sweat when you get to class and therefore your lotion will also sweat off of you and you will feel like a greased pig....

-The University of TN WILL take the ceiling out of the building that your class is in and the lights will be hanging by their cords...I will admit it is pretty sketch.

-Taking a water bottle to class is a necessity.

-Your prof will decide to have a more intimate classroom environment, will want to know your name, and will try to converse with YOU in the middle of lecture. NO THIS IS NOT NORMAL, and yes it will freak you out.

—Gracie Beth,, June 5, 2010

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