Knox Horror Film Fest Announces Biggest Lineup Yet for 2014


Director and co-founder William Mahaffey has released a schedule for the sixth annual Knoxville Horror Film Fest , and this year’s lineup of films and events looks to be the biggest and busiest yet.

Founded in 2009 by Mahaffey and Metro Pulse contributor Nick Huinker, the festival this year will run the weekend of Oct. 24-26, with events split between Regal Downtown West 8 (Friday and Saturday) and Scruffy City Hall (Sunday evening).

On Saturday night, Downtown West will host what Mahaffey calls “the de facto main event of KHFF,” a screening of trailers submitted for KHFF’s fourth annual Grindhouse Grind-Out Filmmaking Contest. The contest begins in early October, and it will see more than 20 teams of local filmmakers spend roughly a week producing over-the-top, grindhouse-style movie trailers based on randomly assigned film genres.

After Saturday’s contest screening, audience members are invited to vote for their favorite entries; winners will be announced Sunday night at Scruffy City Hall. And if all goes well, Troma Studios founder and filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman will make an appearance Sunday night, as a contest judge and award presenter.

In addition to the grindhouse contest, KHFF will screen seven full-length films and a handful of shorts over the three nights. Feature-length showings include Richard Bates Jr.’s Suburban Gothic , the follow-up to his well-received 2012 debut Excision; a pair of anthology sequels in V/H/S Viral and The ABCs of Death 2 ; Gerard Johnstone’s Housebound , an instant hit upon its debut at this year’s SXSW festival; Astron-6’s “meta-giallo” The Editor ; writer/actress Axelle Carolyn’s feature-length directorial debut, Soulmate ; and Matt O’Mahoney’s horror-comedy Bloody Knuckles .

Weekend passes to all KHFF events are available for a discounted price of $50 through the fest’s IndieGoGo crowd-funding page through Sept. 30. After that, tickets are available through the KHFF website for $60. Sign up for the grindhouse filmmaking contest at the website or at .

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