In Your Face, Chattanooga!

Another week, another survey ranking Knoxville in a mostly positive way. Ho-hum. But this one is sanctioned by Richard Florida, author of the much-cited Rise of the Creative Class and senior editor of The Atlantic, so it's got to be on the up-and-up, right? As director of the Martin Prosperity Institute, which joined forces with to create the site's new Livability Index, we're sure he was personally involved in the tabulation. And we're proud to report that Knoxville took number 61 in its Top 100 Best Places to Live list with a "LivScore" of 594—a combination of scores in categories like Healthcare, Education, Amenities, etc. Best of all, this means we stomped our civic nemesis, Chattanooga, which came in at a pathetic 83 with a lowly LivScore of 586. Ha! Our secret master-plan of replacing ugly old buildings downtown with more surface parking is at last paying off!