You Know You're From Knoxville If...

You know you're from Knoxville if:

Jean Lindsey: "You remember the old Panhellenic Building where invited males had to keep both feet on the floor and the door had to remain open."

Pat Biggs: "Playing Kick the Can, Rolley Bat, Hop Scotch, Tag and several other games until dark ...... AND not be afraid to be out at dark."

Damon Pierce: "You know you're from South Knoxville if you remember eating the best cheeseburger in town, and shooting pool on the worst pool table in town at Edleman's."

Teresa Hicks Overholt: "You remember going to the ‘green stamps store' on Asheville hwy and shopping with your booklets and then going to Wades Bakery for thumbprint cookies."

Joseph Prestwood: "You have ever eaten at the Hollywood Restaurant and their famous Broasted Chicken."

—Selections from the "You know you're from Knoxville if:" group on Facebook, (with 10,000+ posts)