Yet Another Plea for Potato Salad Funding

Curious Knox Crowd-Funding Project of the Month:

My Potato Salad Is Better Than Yours [Potato Salad]

If you follow news of the Internet at all, then you've most certainly heard of Zack Danger Brown's potato salad exploits. One day, the Columbus, Ohio resident decided to make his first-ever batch of potato salad. Naturally, this brave dream required crowd-funding to bring it to fruition. So he posted a Potato Salad campaign page on Kickstarter: "Basically I'm just making potato salad. I haven't decided what kind yet." Thus far, he has gathered over 6,000 backers who've pledged over $50,000—and the campaign doesn't even end until Aug. 2. Which just goes to show that many people are willing to pay for a good joke at the Internet's expense. Perhaps knowing a profitable thing when he sees it, Maryville's Richard Burchfield has started his own competing Kickstarter campaign, the awkwardly titled My Potato Salad Is Better Than Yours [Potato Salad]. It may lack the dry humor of Brown's project, but it at least has higher aspirations: "I'm a just a nobody who wants to create the world's best potato salad." By press time, Burchfield had raised $1 from one backer. Well, you can't blame a guy for trying.