What Pat Summitt Represents

One Knoxville Gal's Reaction to Pat Summitt's News

When I heard the news about Pat Summitt, I was moved to the verge of tears. It was a surprising reaction considering that I do not know much about Pat Summitt, women's basketball, or any sport for that matter. Living in Knoxville, everyone around me seems consumed with the major University of Tennessee sports of football and men's and women's basketball. I, on the other hand, only realize that it's game day, because I find my car stuck in a sea of orange pom-poms and "Power T's" decorating the cars on I-40....

So why the extreme reaction for a woman I don't know, who coaches a sport I don't follow?

Pat Summitt's influence doesn't just reach sports fans. It started there but she has come to represent, not just women's basketball, but the concept of women in all sports, and even women in the world.

—Cheryl Burchett, GalTime, galtime.com, Aug. 25, 2011