We Must Support a New, Mobile Pie-Making Facility for Knoxville

Knox Kickstarter Plea of the Month

Dale's Fried Pies

I love pie. Keep your sugary cake, your loaded ice cream. Every pie is a universe onto itself, offering layers of delight with each new texture and flavor. Knoxville could use more good pies, in my opinion, and Dale's Fried Pies aims to do just that with its mobile kitchen campaign on Kickstarter. Since last summer, Dale Mackey has been taking her fried pies to farmers markets and events and selling them from her booth. But now she's got bigger plans that require $3,500: "In order to provide the freshest pies possible, expand our menu and find more diverse venues where we are able to set up, it is time for us launch a mobile kitchen." That's right: remote pie making! She's already got the trailer, but now she needs to outfit it for pie production. Please, Knoxville, help this woman achieve her vision. We will all benefit.