Waxing Nostalgic at Knoxstalgia

Knox Facebook Page of the Month:


Some believe that waxing nostalgic is largely a waste of time, but I disagree—remembering what used to be offers just as much warning as comfort. If you don't appreciate what's around you now, it may be gone tomorrow. The goal at Knoxstalgia is pretty simple: "Celebrating the Past & Present in Knoxville, Tennessee." And that means posting a lot of fun, old photos of Knoxvillians, both iconic (power grocer Cas Walker) and nearly forgotten (actress Helen Mundy), as well as places (James Agee's childhood home in Fort Sanders, now gone) and curiosities (1970s get-out-the-vote girls attired in Alcoa aluminum outfits?!). It all makes for a fun, if wistful, page.