Tennessee: America's Worst!

Usually (well, all of the time, really) this column focuses on what websites are saying about Knoxville rather than Tennessee as a whole. But just this once, we must direct your attention to the outrageous claims made in CNBC's recent "America's 10 worst states to live in" survey. It dares to suggest that Tennessee is the very worst state in our union to reside! How? Why? What the heck? Well, as its blurb helpfully informs us, Tennessee's violent crime rate is the highest in the country, according to the FBI. Also, Tennesseans' health is poor, with high rates of diabetes and obesity. And about a quarter of adults here are smokers. So, aside from those insignificant factors, we're not so bad, right? "Based on these numbers, when they sing the blues in Memphis, they mean it," the uncredited writer who obviously has never visited Alabama concludes. My god, if you can't trust an informative slide-show-article on the Internet, what can you trust?