A Supportive Note From Mother to Son

A Note to Christopher from Mom

(Knoxville, Tennessee)

To My Wonderful Son Christopher,

The day you were born was the most wonderful day of my life. I found out what true love is that day. I knew nothing could ever take that love away. You were so beautiful on that day and you have become more beautiful each day since.

You will never know the pain and agony I suffered watching you be bullied at school. The heartache you poured out to me about the torture you endured. I tried but was unable to get any satisfaction from the school system. They failed you.

I suspected you were gay even before you brought up the possibility. As you know I was raised that this was a sin and that it was a choice. Unfortunately, I had shared these beliefs with you in your early life. I struggled with this along with you. I hope you will forgive my ignorance. ...

—Mom, anotetomykid.com, January 2012