A Spurned Billboard Causes Atheist Ire

Why Was This Atheist Billboard Rejected by EMC Outdoor in Knoxville?

"I am writing to you in regards to your recent decision to reject the billboard from Livingwithoutreligion.com claiming it's ‘too offensive to a large percentage of Knoxville residents.' As a Knoxvillian, I do not understand your argument. First of all, must all billboards in Knoxville be in agreement with the ‘majority' of people in Knoxville? That said, I would like to point out the Adult Superstore billboards that litter the highways. I personally do not like these messages and would stick my neck out and say the majority of Knoxvillians wouldn't condone them as well. But then again, how could I prove that? That said, what proof are you utilizing to make your determination? Is this a personal belief? If so, I would contend that there will be many beliefs and thoughts on the subject. Different points of view are what expand our minds and open our thoughts to new and different ideas and concepts, even when we do not initially agree with them as that usually comes hand in hand with ignorance. What our beautiful city needs is to be educated on what other beliefs are out their versus Christianity that currently is advertised just about everywhere you look in our city. I personally, find that offensive as no other sides or perspectives are represented."

—blog entry comment by Mary B at Friendly Atheist, patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist, quoting her own letter to EMC Outdoor for declining an atheist billboard, Aug. 28, 2011