Some Very Successful Fund-Raising by Knoxville's Studio 2 Publishing

Knox Kickstarter Plea of the Month

Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release!

By the time you read this, Knoxville's Studio 2 Publishing has probably completed its crowdsourcing effort to create a line of miniature metal figures of the characters from Hell on Earth Reloaded. But not to worry: The company had already raised just shy of $35,000 at press time—some $32,000 more than its actual goal. So what is it that inspires almost 250 backers to pledge that much money for figurines? Well, it all has something to do with a series of post-apocalyptic, Western tabletop games by the Pinnacle Entertainment Group. We think. (These are arcane matters only understood by those experienced in the ways of role-playing games,) At any rate, very impressive!