Sharing Knoxville Memorabilia

Knoxville Facebook Page of the Month

You know you're from Knoxville if...

While its title may sound like the invitation for a series of bad jokes, this Facebook page is actually an ever-growing collection of local memorabilia and anecdotes. Its 5,000 members post snapshots and postcards of long-lost Knoxville icons and discuss present-day mysteries. (Like, how does that TV repair business on Broadway stay open?) The photos are fascinating, from a 1950s F-86D-35-NA Sabre jet assigned to the 151st Fighter-Interceptor Squadron at McGhee Tyson, to the original promenade off State Street, with its giant metal facade covering the backsides of Gay Street buildings (and equipped with a "moving sidewalk" to make shopping easier). A charming group to share recollections with.