Sacred Space for Yoga, and It's You

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Knoxville's Glowing Body Provides Sacred Space for Yoga, and It's You

This life is happening just as it is, indescribable at times, yet some say it's glowing. Can you feel it? If you're around Knoxville, TN, nearby or just dropping in or drifting on—do you have the time to stop for a moment? Do you know it from within?

Knoxville's Glowing Body studio—it's definitely happening here. Classes at this yoga school are more like a pilgrimage to some sacred place where you find out once again that yoga is born from the heart.

Just north of Knoxville's ‘Old City' neighborhood, Glowing Body makes her home in an area the Cherokee once called the ‘kuwanda'talun'yi,' which means ‘Mulberry Place.' In the neighborhood now called ‘Happy Hollow,' you'll find this luminous sanctuary tucked away on Irwin Street, split between Central and Broadway and, uh, yes, you will tell your friends about this local treasure. I'm still talking about Glowing Body's magnificent studios, God beams shining through high-vaulted skylights on immaculate bamboo floors and the blank spots, unexplained as of yet, left in my mind....

—Betterton Wallace, ["the place to find your yoga in the southeastern US"], June 30, 2011