A Plea For Salt-Brine Fermentation Chile Sauce

Knox Kickstarter Plea of the Month

Rushy Springs Farm

So, does the world need a new line of salt-brine fermentation chile sauces? Perhaps so when it's created by Jim Smith of Rushy Springs Farm in Talbott. His pitch reveals his true calling as a storyteller, but also a sense of his ability to dream big: "Back in the ‘70's I was living in New York City deeply embedded in the art community. My girlfriend at the time was a belly dancer. I became obsessed with the idea of creating an old time medicine show and touring the south! ... If I knew then what I know now about chilies I might have brought this concept to reality, and salt brine fermentation chile sauces would have been my snake oil."

Now what he'd like to do is raise funds to construct an on-site commercial kitchen to produce these healthy chile sauces—$16,180.00 by Sept. 20. "There are at least five projects on my farm that could benefit from this level of input, but without this project, there would be no farm at all," he writes. See more at kickstarter.com.