A Passion for All Things "Steel Wheel on Steel Rail"

A(nother) Knoxville Fable

Knoxville, Tenn. – This is a story about the men and women who gathered in early November 2011 in this East Tennessee renaissance city to share their enthusiasm and passion for all things steel wheel on steel rail. To those of us who experienced this year's annual meeting of the Lexington Group, an association of historians, journalists, and railroaders, it was nothing short of a magical. To those whose recollection extends back to August 1975, you'll recall Trains Editor David P. Morgan's description of the National Railway Historical Society convention in the same city that summer. Morgan titled his report in the November 1975 issue "A Knoxville Fable" about the fanatical devotion of railfans at the convention and the incredible effort of the two host railroads, the Southern and the Louisville & Nashville, to make the event possible. With apologies to Morgan, I'll appropriate his title for this report and the theme to tell you about the Lexington Group's amazing gathering that resonates across 36 years.

—Jim Wrinn, Thursday, Train of Thought, cs.trains.com, Nov. 17, 2011