Knoxville's the Penultimate Country Music City in the State!

At the risk of succumbing to yet another ersatz online list made purely for promotional purposes, we must report that Knoxville has been ranked Tennessee's #2 country music city. Yes, that's right: Chattanooga actually beat us out. Hard to believe, eh? Well, at least that's according to the Movoto Real Estate blog. You may be asking yourself, "How did Movoto Real Estate reach this questionable conclusion about Chattanooga's superiority as a country music city?" Well, Movoto's methodology may leave your eyebrows in a permanent locked-up position, but here are the basics: They took the lyrics of the top 10 country songs from the past five years, determined their most frequently used words, and then cross-referenced those words with each city's demographic and census data. (For instance, "love" = marriage rate.) According to content editor Randy Nelson, "We know what you're thinking: We're crazy (the fifth most-used word!)." Well, at least we beat #3 Maryville. And that city in Middle Tennessee, Nashville, which came in at #9.