Knoxville: We're Really Cheap!

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This week's national ranking in a dubious survey actually comes from a credible source: The business publication just issued its list of America's Most Affordable Cities, and Knoxville comes in at number five. "In fact, the Marble City is the lowest-priced, in terms of daily expenses, of all the cities we analyzed," writes staffer Erin Carlyle. Of course, they analyzed lots of other statistics we don't completely understand to determine their rankings, but housing seems to be a dominant factor. According to data from the National Association of Home Builders, a median home sales price in the Knoxville metro area is $140,000 (fourth quarter of 2013), which means about 77.4 percent of homes are affordable to families earning the local median income ($60,700). So rejoice: your "dollars go a lot further in Knoxville."