Knoxville: Tennessee's "Cheeriest City"

What people are writing about Knoxville on the Web

The national media reports on Knoxville's sudden ascension into the realms of awesomeness keep rolling in. This week: Rupert Murdoch's bastion of screaming headlines, the New York Post. "Everyone I met in Knoxville, Tenn., suggested that the city is seeking its identity," writes Susan B. Barnes of her visit to Knoxville. "And it's no wonder — with its popular big sisters, Nashville and Memphis, to the west, it can be a bit daunting to try to find a spot in the family tree. What I found during a recent visit to Knoxville, though, is a fun, vibrant city that's pulling itself up by its bootstraps and really making its mark." Knoxville's Urban Wilderness (aka, South Knoxville) gets a big plug as the lead-off attraction in the article, as does our "fantastic (and always improving) dining scene." The conclusion: Knoxville is "a vivacious city that shows its residents and guests a good time." Wow. Could this be another chapter in the conspiracy to bribe every travel writer in North America?