Knoxville: The Nation's Half-Way Point

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See You In Knoxville

"This morning, Jeffrey Hester and his son Alan jumped in their car to begin a journey of over 400 miles, from their home in Winchester, VA to Knoxville, TN. They are going as baseball fans, but not going to see the Tennessee Smokies, the Double-A affiliates of the Chicago Cubs, whose season ended a month ago. Hardly a baseball hotbed this time of year, Knoxville is simply the logical stopping point in a larger journey, the yield sign at the fork in the road between St. Louis and Atlanta, the two possible destinations where their beloved Washington Nationals will play their first-ever playoff game, set to take place this Sunday.

"‘I looked at the map and Knoxville seemed to be a good halfway point.' said Hester..."

—CurlyW, the official blog of the Washington Nationals, writing about the Nationals' play-off debut (which didn't go so well), MLBlogs Network,, October 5, 2012