Knoxville Media, With Disclaimer

State of Knoxville Media

OK, I kinda feel compelled to blog about this because so many people are leaving the media world in Knoxville for a government position. First off the media is not dead. In fact in this past year my paper has grown in circulation and advertisement as everyone can see. But hey I can see why people want to work for government. What I do is not a job. It is a 24/7 365 lifestyle and to be honest I would not have it any other way. ... Yes I feel blessed to be working full time in a struggling industry. But to read reports that people don't know if media will be around but government will. I disagree. ... The statements listed immediately above are the sole opinion of the noted writer of the above document. The information should be construed as an open opinion and information contained in this document represents facts to the best of the writers knowledge and should not be viewed as permanent certified fact but that as the way the information is interpreted by the opinion of the author.

—Political Leverage,, Dec. 21, 2011