Knoxville: Least Best Place

There once was a time when we could rely on the Movoto Real Estate blog to rank Knoxville ridiculously high in its prolific Surveys Intended to Get Media Attention™. What are Tennessee's top country music cities? All we can tell you is that Knoxville finally exacted its vengeance upon Nashville with a #2 ranking. What are the country's most creative (mid-sized) cities? We came in ninth, and that's all that matters. But now Movoto has disappointed us to the core with its latest survey, The Best Places in Tennessee. Why, you'd think Knoxville would be a shoe-in for such a prestigious survey, eh? Well, dear friends, we must sadly report that Knoxville came in 50th—that's last place in the entire list of 50 cities. (Signal Mountain, Brentwood, and Bartlett took the top spots—cities we've never even heard of before!) How can this possibly be? It looks like our cost of living is low, but our median rent prices are not high enough. But that's just crazy talk. There is no real reason we lost but for Movoto's clear bias against Knoxville and all its people!