Knoxville: City of Unique Crowd Control Techniques

What people are writing about Knoxville on the Web

Needless to say, Knoxville made a big splash on the Internet this week—for the alleged choking of student partier Jared Dotson by (former) Knox County Sheriff's Office Deputy Frank Phillips. The photos by John Messner documenting the incident immediately went viral after appearing on the U.K. Daily Mail's website, showing up on most news sites (including, uh, The Drudge Report) and spurring a wildfire of blogging. The breadth of sites weighing in is rather amazing, covering nearly every niche of online obsession, from OccupyIlluminati to Black Christian News, from FreakOutNation to Conservative Read. While we didn't review all of the entries, the predominant reaction could be described as "aghast." Best quip: Referring to the police report stating Dotson had resisted arrest, Mediaite's Luke O'Neil wrote, "If by physically resist you mean drop to his knees while the air was choked from his lungs, then sure, this probably counts."