Knoxville: City of Top-Ten Creativity

For this week's Survey Intended to Get Media Attention™, we turn once again to the Movoto Real Estate blog. (Movoto, you'll recall, declared us "Tennessee's #2 country music city" using an arcane formula involving country song lyrics and once-every-millennium planetary alignments.) We'll just cut to the chase: This time Movoto has placed us ninth in their list of Most Creative Mid-Sized Cities in America. Yes, put your pens down, poets of San Francisco! Stop playing your instruments, bands of Austin! We're KNOXVILLE. And we apparently have "a large number of music stores and (a) thriving theater scene," which vaulted us way ahead of damn near every place in the country. Except for eight other cities, led by, ah, Salt Lake City. Well, let's just ignore the methodology and enjoy another prestigious national ranking. We've sort of earned it.

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