Knoxville: The City With Small-Town Charm

"If a magic fairy would allow us three places to own a home in the US then our first choice would always be Arizona. Our second choice New York City and surprisingly our third choice would now be Tennessee," writes Kristin and Paul on their blog, a diary of their new dedication to "living a nomadic lifestyle by choice." In their recent entry on Tennessee, they drove to Knoxville after flying in to Nashville, and found its historic charm to be similar to Savannah's—but less touristy, in their opinion. "Unlike a lot of other US cities, Knoxville's downtown area was not only good to visit in the day time but also on a weekend evening," they write. "It felt as if you were taken to a 1950s movie with the old cinema, people dining outside bars and restaurants on the sidewalk, one-off stores and live music joints."