Knoxville: City of Safe Drivers

In this week's National Ranking That Makes Little Sense™, we uncover a claim so specious it takes one's breath away. If you have ever driven a car on Knoxville's streets, then you have firsthand experience with other Knoxville drivers. So you know this simple truth: Knoxville drivers are unyielding, vicious road warriors. But not according to Allstate Insurance's latest Survey Intended to Get Media Attention™, the Allstate America's Best Drivers Report™, which declares Knoxville to be the 12th safest-driving city among America's 200 largest cities (in terms of car collision frequency). "Drivers in Knoxville are making great progress toward keeping America's roadways safer," says regional spokesperson Allison Hatcher. Has Ms. Hatcher ever tried keeping to the actual speed limit on a Knoxville surface road, or attempted to change lanes during rush hour? Danger lurks in every Knoxville byway.

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