Knoxville: City of Orange-Loving Drinkers Who Eat a Lot

Oh, Movoto Real Estate blog—you're such a reliable source of odd rankings about Knoxville, we are starting to wonder if you're doing it just to get our attention: #2 country music city, #9 most creative mid-sized city, #50 best place in Tennessee. Why, now you're even writing listicles about us! So let us review "27 Things People From Knoxville Love" by Blake Guthrie. For starters, of the top five "things," four of them are Vols related. (We'll go ahead and reveal #1: Knowing That Sailgating Is Far Superior To Tailgating.) That would seem to indicate the national perception of Knoxville as a football-obsessed town is still intact after years of miserable seasons. Can't we get a new reputation for something else? Well, numbers 5-8 are about eating. Sigh. But numbers 9-11 refer to music, so we'll take it. And there are a few funny ones (13. Defending The Blinding Awesomeness Of The Sunsphere), which appeal to us. See the rest at