Knoxville: City of Momentum

Another week, another glowing travel piece about Knoxville. Who woulda thunk it, eh? Nevertheless, we have finally attained a place in the travelogue sphere in which even a website named Real Food Traveler—"celebrating authentic food and travel—worldwide"—is impressed with us. Portland, Ore.-based contributing writer Nancy Zaffaro offers a nice summation of the Knoxville experience: "People walk their dogs every day at all hours in downtown Knoxville, and I love what this tells me about this navigable, livable, and fun downtown. While there is much to see and do outside of the downtown core, Knoxville's downtown has it all—art, music and theater, business, shopping, great food and relaxation. Everyone I meet attests to how vital Knoxville has become and how it's building ever more momentum." While the article doesn't say much about our food, we'll still take it!