Knoxville: City of Expensive (or Average) Car Insurance

Meaningless rankings from online surveys—we love them! In fact, we are only too willing to promote whatever ersatz data is presented to us by websites we've never heard of before, thus doing our part to complete the Cycle of Internet B.S. This week we received an important finding by the analysts at What is Well, it focuses on "providing high quality resources to help consumers understand the topics they're interested in." Good enough! Anyway, they want to share their conclusion that "Knoxville was ranked as one of the most expensive cities for those buying auto insurance in the state of Tennessee." In fact, we are number 29 with an average cost of $913 per year. The cheapest city is Bristol at $810 while the most expensive is Memphis at $1,212. But they also say the average cost across the state is $916. So, we're below the average, but also among the most expensive. Yes. And that is, if you are a 30-year-old single male driving a 2010 Toyota Camry. Good to know!