Knoxville: City of Aging Hippies

SpareFoot is the "world's largest online marketplace for consumers to find and reserve self-storage units," so naturally it is one of the first resources we turn to for demographic analysis. For it is here, at, that we can at last learn the identities of America's 15 Baby Boomer Boom Towns. You may be asking yourself, "Can Baby Boomers still boom?" But the answer is yes! And they're doing it right here, in Knoxville, at this very moment. As SpareFoot's Survey Intended to Get Media Attention™ shows, Knoxville's Baby Boomer population grew 3.4 percent between 2000 and 2010. That's just one of the factors that places Knoxville at number 12 on the list, though the statisticians at SpareFoot admit, the city "would appear even higher on our list if more Boomers were moving there."