A Knox Kickstarter Plea to Finish a Graphic Novel

Knox Kickstarter Plea of the Month:

Jannah Station - A science fiction detective comic

Joseph Cadotte has a vision, and it involves the adventures of detective Faisal Werner on a space station named Jannah. But rather than just let this fanciful scenario occupy his imagination, he's trying to make it a reality—in the form of a graphic novel illustrated by Elizabeth Kidder. Cadotte promises that his first story, "A Soft Murder," has everything you could desire in a science fiction detective comic. "There are enough references, allusions, tropes, and themes to keep a grad student busy for a year and enough angst to inspire sensitive teens to buy all the black eyeliner at the corner Walgreens," he writes. He is looking to raise $3,400 to cover production costs of five issues. Blast off!