A Knox Ex-Pat Returns for Pizza

What people are writing about Knoxville on the Web

Meredith Smith is the editor of Slice, the pizza review blog of the Serious Eats network of food sites; in a post about the Knoxville pizza scene, she gives finds that's changed over the years:

"My view of the pizza landscape in Knoxville is dated. Growing up, it was the closest big city to home and I made plenty of trips there, but that was before the new standards set forth by the mid 2000s pizza renaissance. It remained, in my mind, a swath of the country populated by pizza buffets and the big chains. So it was with genuine surprise (and a touch of skepticism) that when passing through this holiday season, I saw all sorts of new-era pizza joints popping up on the restaurant maps."

The post includes a very positive review to Hard Knox Pizza: slice.seriouseats.com, Jan. 3, 2013.