An Impromptu Conversation About 'Racism'

Knoxville, TN

On the way home, we stopped in Tennessee. If you haven't been in the Piedmont mountains during fall you are missing something

Took an extended walk in the early evening and found ourselves on the Tennessee campus. One adjective to describe it, hilly. This flat lander isn't used to hiking around a campus. In the Midwest we walk!

While we were walking, we saw a chili cook off and ran into a guy hiking in some Tennessee Volunteer garb. He said, "Where are you guys from?"

"Chicago," I said.

He said, "Well, you are in a red state now. People here want Sarah Palin for President and lots of em are racist." Pause. "Who'd you vote for?"

Now, I was born at night but not last night. Not wanting to risk a confrontation in a strange town I said, "I'm from Chicago. I am sure I voted a lot in the last election."

—Jeff Carter, ("An Irreverent Look at Economics, Finance, Trading and Politics"), Oct. 30, 2011

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