Fourth and Gill Artists Plan Tribute to Felled Oak

Knox Crowd-Funding Campaign of the Month:

Southern Red Oak Tribute

Last June, a homeowner in the Fourth and Gill neighborhood decided to remove a 130-year-old tree from his property despite the city's assurances it was healthy and did not present any danger of falling. Now Fourth and Gill artists Gerry Moll and Katie Walberg are planning a sculptural tribute to the missing oak, integrating an actual section of its trunk to be used as a bench on a concrete pad representing the footprint of the tree. "The loss of this tree is a loss of both something very alive and tangible and also something of heartfelt emotion, and intangible," they write on the campaign's Indiegogo page. "The design and siting of this sculpture is meant to provide a gift of continuity to the neighborhood, an expression of gratitude and an opportunity for remembering." The artists say they have the approval of the City of Knoxville's Public Art Committee and the 4th & Gill Neighborhood Association, and they seek to raise $1,000 for materials and site preparation.