Finding Knoxville's Lost Buildings

Knox Blog of the Week:

Knoxville Lost and Found

While publishing "then and now" photos of Knoxville's changing urban landscape isn't new (there have been books, blogs, and Metro Pulse cover stories), Knoxville Lost and Found addresses the subject with a sense of mission. "I write a sometimes depressing blog," admits webmaster John in Knoxville in his latest post on the Arcade Building. "It focuses on grand structures and spaces that once existed in the fair city of Knoxville, but which have fallen under the weight of the wrecking ball." But his larger goal is to make readers understand "what all we have lost to misguided notions of progress, in order to prevent further losses." And he does so with an extreme attention to detail; his upbeat Arcade Building entry contains 32 photos and the scoop on new tenant Rick Terry Jewelry Designs. For any Knoxville history buff, it's good stuff.