Facebook Group Shares Memories of Fort Sanders' Eclectic Past

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I Lived in Fort Sanders During the 1980s

For a neighborhood of so little regard that major institutions can willfully reshape it to meet their needs with almost no resistance, Fort Sanders still exists as a nostalgic ideal to those who spent a good chunk of their 20s there. The 1980s may have been the last decade when it still felt like a bohemian enclave, before developers bulldozed great swaths of Victorian houses for cookie-cutter apartment complexes, and before the university and the hospital tag-teamed to destroy more houses for institutional buildings and parking lots. Back then, Fort Sanders seemed filled with impromptu porch parties, scuzzy basement rock bands, and telephone-pole flier artists—just the sort of things celebrated by the Facebook group I Lived in Fort Sanders During the 1980s. Sure, the old Fort may have been shabbier and perhaps more dangerous than the current one, but it had a unique character that's still cherished by those who helped create it.