Eat Our Dust, Pasadena!

In this week's Survey Intended to Get Media Attention™, reveals to us the Cities with the Fastest Growing Incomes. "Positive income growth for people who work in a city is an important factor in its value to prospective residents," they wisely note. Indeed! Using census data, the site analyzed median earnings for workers in 483 cities between 2007 and 2011. And—yes—Knoxville made it into the top 20 with a 9.4 percent growth in median income (2007: $23,638, 2011: $25,850). This put us in at number 19, narrowly edging out Pasadena's pathetic 9 percent growth rate. (Though, ah, their 2011 median income was $38,281.) At number one is Chico, Calif., with a 32 percent growth rate. All so very interesting. However, we're still not sure what else actually does.