Dream Brother Pictures Starts Indiegogo Campaign for New Short Film

Knox Indiegogo Plea of the Month:


Knoxville seems to be brimming with would-be moviemakers these days, and so many of them make online pitches for budgetary assistance it's getting a bit competitive. But Steven Wesley Miller's goal is an unostentatious $5,000—and his project's trailer is pretty slick. He's gearing up to shoot his post-apocalyptic short, Shadowland, and is looking to rent some equipment to make it happen. His debut short, Inch of Grace with Cylk Cozart, made it to the 2012 Nashville Film Festival—and he's picked up Audience Choice awards at the Knoxville Horror Film Festival and the Secret City Film Festival. Maybe he's on a roll? You can help him keep it going at indiegogo.com/shadowlandfilm.