Crowdfunding Sought for Airstream Dining

Knox Crowdfunding Project of the Month:

Guerilla Grill - Mobile Gourmet Kitchen

Food trucks may be experiencing a bumpy road to local acceptance—with a city policy still being formulated and many downtown restaurateurs wishing they'd park somewhere else—but we do know one thing: adventurous diners really like them. But will curbside eaters be supportive enough to actually donate money to bring another food truck into existence? Adam Crawford is banking on it—not just for funding, but also for ideas. "With crowd-funding, I feel that a person gets a much clearer reflection of what people want," he says. What he envisions is a globe-trotting menu that will be "mixing up Southeastern fare with a very strong pan-Asian influence"—and he plans to serve it from a 31-foot 1974 Airstream. To retrofit this silver streamliner for food duty, he is seeking $10,000, which will help pay for the cooking hardware, plumbing, propane lines, tires, and a vehicle to tow it all. Wouldn't Knoxville be about 15 percent more interesting with an Airstream food truck? If you agree, head to (Note: the lack of a second "r" in Guerilla is intentional.)